Harvard Heights HPOZ

This Historic Preservation Overlay Zone established September
2000 by the City of Los Angeles and having jurisdiction over the
external appearance of structures within its borders, has as its
boundaries the Pico Blvd on the north, Santa Monica (10) freeway on
the south, Western Avenue on the west, and Normandie Avenue on the

The HPOZ Design Review Board must approve all exterior work that
requires permits on any structure within the boundaries of the HPOZ
before the City will issue the permit. This includes painting, roofs,
additions, and fences, or any other structural change visible from the

If you are planning to make exterior changes to your within the
boundaries of the Harvard Heights HPOZ (10 freeway to Pico Blvd,
Western Avenue to Normandie Avenue), please contact members of
the Design Review Board and be prepared to attend a meeting with
the board. The City will issue no building permits without approval from
the HPOZ Board.

The HPOZ Board is an official City agency. They are not apart of our
volunteer Neighborhood Association. The Mayor, City Councilman,
and other City agencies appoint the members. The Board consists of
residents, architect, contractor, and someone with real estate

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